HeavieTalk is not your typical blog. Unlike other blogs, HeavieTalk doesn’t have a specific niche. I won’t limit myself to one topic.

I’m bloggin’ about my life as a black woman going through adulthood, college, spirituality, entrepreneurship and more.

Weekend Recap Volume 24: The First African American Scripps Spelling Bee Champion, The First Billionaire Goes to Space, The NBA Finals & New Music Friday

With the exception of a billionaire going to space and the history-making crowning of the new 2021 Scripps spelling bee champion, news this weekend was mostly sports related. Between MLB, the NBA Finals, and the Tokyo Olympics which included a basketball scrimmage between Team USA and Team Nigeria, sports lovers had an action packed weekend. 

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Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan | Book Review

The brilliant writing of Terry McMillan brought back my love for reading. I am constantly in awe of Terry McMillan’s writing style and storylines. Her storylines are realistic but raw and dynamic enough to leave an element of surprise. Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan is an excellent example of this. Many have watched or read the book “Waiting to Exhale” but few have read the follow-up, Getting to Happy. Getting to Happy is a sequel to Waiting to Exhale, picking up on the lives of characters Bernadine, Gloria, Savannah, and Robin years later. Supporting each other through motherhood, heartbreak, grief, addiction, and love, these four friends are the epitome of friendship goals. 

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Weekend Recap: Volume 23

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week. Martin Luther King Day New UK Travel restrictions start today L.A county reaches 1 million COVID-19 cases Airbnb cancels reservations in D.C Law Enforcement prepares for inauguration week FBI investigates claim that a woman who breached the Capitol intended to sell Nancy Pelosi’s laptop to Russians…

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Self-Care Tips

I believe there is a big misconception around self-care. People overthink self-care. “I need to wait until the weekend.” “I don’t have any money.” Self-Care From the very beginning, I’ve stressed that you define what self-care is to you and how you will practice it. There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care.…

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Weekend Recap: Volume 22

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new year. New Vaccine Speaker of the House Georgia Senate Run-off elections Bitcoin surges to $30,000 Paul Ryan discusses GOP election overturn attempts Let’s do a recap. Trending Vaccine Registry With most countries currently rolling out their immunization plans, Spain has found a controversial way to keep up…

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Self-Care: Feed Your Spirit

Self-care is not just about the mind. Real self-care is taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. I always stress the importance of intentionally feeding your mind positive things, thoughts, and ideas. We subconsciously feed our minds so many things throughout the day not realizing the impact it has on us. While you’re being…

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Weekend Recap: Volume 21

Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week. Happy Holidays This weekend was full of celebration, happiness, love & laughter for most. Like many, I gathered with my family this weekend for the holidays. While I was enjoying quality time with my family, it dawned on me how fortunate I am and how different…

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Weekend Recap Volume 20

There was a lot to keep up with this weekend. The approval of a second COVID-19 vaccine. NBA preseason games. Another NFL Sunday. Pfizer vaccine. A Verzuz Battle. Superpowers. Winter solitude. Stimulus Checks Did you wake up with superpowers? Unfortunately, I didn’t either. I was definitely looking forward to telepathy. Being able to transport around…

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