Self-Care Tips

I believe there is a big misconception around self-care. People overthink self-care. “I need to wait until the weekend.” “I don’t have any money.” Self-Care From the very beginning, I’ve stressed that you define what self-care is to you and how you will practice it. There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care.Continue reading “Self-Care Tips”

Self-Care: Feed Your Spirit

Self-care is not just about the mind. Real self-care is taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. I always stress the importance of intentionally feeding your mind positive things, thoughts, and ideas. We subconsciously feed our minds so many things throughout the day not realizing the impact it has on us. While you’re beingContinue reading “Self-Care: Feed Your Spirit”

Fun Self Care Activity: The Perfect Way To Practice Self-Care Everyday

The goal of self-care is to have fun while also relaxing, rejuvenating, and regrouping.The key to self-care is figuring out how you will actually practice self-care. Self-care activities are the best way to get the most success out of self-care. Self-Care Activities Simply put, self-care activities are your personalized set of favorite activities and hobbies.Continue reading “Fun Self Care Activity: The Perfect Way To Practice Self-Care Everyday”

7 Step Guide To A Successful Self-Care Day

Life has been chaotic, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement sparked by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the recent shooting of Jacob Taylor, in addition to an ongoing presidential election and a recent spike in unemployment has left a psychological effect on all of us. Recent eventsContinue reading “7 Step Guide To A Successful Self-Care Day”

Self Care: What is a Self Care Plan?

After a long week, it’s time to relax, that includes your mind and body. Dedicate your weekends to self-care. My weekends are centered around self-care. Although I’ve implemented self-care into my daily routine, self-care gets my full attention on the weekend; I focus on completing my self-care plan. What is a self-care plan? A self-careContinue reading “Self Care: What is a Self Care Plan?”

Self Care: Perception affects Progression.

Weekends are for self care. After a long week, it’s critical that you spend at least two days focusing on yourself and your mental health.Personally, I practice self care throughout the week. Self care is apart of my daily routine. I do self care activities at the start and end of my day. Previously, IContinue reading “Self Care: Perception affects Progression.”

Self Care: Nurturing Your Mind

Nurture your mind. Nurturing your mind encourages its growth and development. In my blog post about self care, I stressed the importance of self care and feeding your mind. Paying attention to what you feed your mind spiritually, emotionally, and physically is important because it affects your self consciousness, the decisions you make and your overallContinue reading “Self Care: Nurturing Your Mind”

Self Care: Feed Your Mind

What are you feeding your mind? The mind is the most important part of the body, in my opinion. Your mind controls your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and decisions, along with being the nest for your morals, values and beliefs. It is essential to take care of your mind in the same way and toContinue reading “Self Care: Feed Your Mind”

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